24 Hours

A good friend of mine posted a blog a while back about what he would do with 24 hours that no one else remembers, and then challenged his readers to do the same. So here is mine:

I would go snow boarding. Ask my real life friends why I wouldn’t want anyone to remember this.

I would kick the snot out of my former best friend, and then I would dress her wounds and hug her until she stopped crying.

I would tell my grandpa’s wife how I really feel. And then I would kick the snot out of her.

I would completely clean the whole house from top to bottom. And I mean like Danny Tanner clean.

I would tell my family how I really feel about politics and religion. If you’ve ever met my family you would understand.

So I challenge my readers to the same. Leave it in the comments or post a blog about it and let me know about it =)



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6 responses to “24 Hours

  1. I would kick some serious ass.

  2. Emma

    haha, it’s weird but the first thing I think of myself would be to get even with my ex-boyfriend. I guess I know that in reality it isnt worth it, but if I had 24 free hours to do whatever without consequences- oh, I’d torture him. Other than that I don’t really know of much I’d do. Probably spend a ton of money on a credit card, since they can’t remember it either, right?

  3. I think this is a great blog idea! Hrmm…. Im going to have to think about it!

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