This is BEYOND Sick and disgusting


I originally read about this woman on a good friends site, TheTheologiansCafe. The original article that he refers to in the post can be found here.

The gist of the story is this. Her husband didn’t want her to have any children because it supposedly lowered a woman’s sex drive. So from the time she was 16 until she was 33, the woman stopped taking her birth control pills to deliberately become pregnant, as an act of defiance towards her husband. Instead of carrying the pregnancies to term, she aborted the children soon after she found out she was pregnant. Furthermore, she is now writing a book about her experience, claiming that she is an “abortion addict.”

I’m sorry, but I call bullshit. How can you be addicted to something that ends an innocent life AND causes both physical and emotional harm to yourself? Now I can understand having one abortion. I don’t agree with it, but I know it’s a choice many women make. But FIFTEEN? My first thought is why didn’t her doctor refer her to a psychologist once he saw a trend emerging? Second, how controlling does a husband have to be to make you want to purposely hurt yourself? Third, why didn’t she leave him when she KNEW he never wanted to have children? If she was so hell-bent on having children of her own, why did she decide to stay when she was just 16? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Now lets move onto the book. This, in my mind, is just a ploy for attention, and I honestly want to smack whichever publisher has picked up her book. Can’t they see this woman is suffering from some sort of mental disorder? Why would they make that big of a liability for themselves, knowing that it could backfire horribly?

It says later on in the article that the woman eventually left her husband and remarried another man, having two children with him. Why did she stay with the man who was causing her so much pain, and then decide to leave him after all was said and done? And I have to wonder whether or not her new husband knew of her behavior in her previous marriage? I can’t imagine that he does, or he should have never had children with her, knowing her track record. If he did, he is just as sick and disgusting in my book as she is.



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4 responses to “This is BEYOND Sick and disgusting

  1. Lol. Why does anyone get addicted to anything bad for them, like drugs or alcohol or cutting? This is no more or less disgusting than any of those things. It’s wrong, of course, just as those other things are – but at least she’s finally discussing it now and maybe even looking for help, as the correct thing to do would be.

    As for her husband, what do you want? Do you just want her to be left alone and friendless? I’m sure he probably knows about it by now, all things considered, but why couldn’t he forgive her, rather than ditch her? Why wouldn’t he want to have children with her, now that she no longer has this addiction? I think it’s silly to think he’s sick and disgusting for wanting something natural with someone he loves.

    • Liz

      Smaranda, its sick and disgusting because if he did know about it, he was willingly feeding her addiction for being pregnant. Its like giving a crack addict more crack, just because you supposedly love them. And I didn’t say ditch her. I said don’t have children with her. Adopt, or be happy with the children he already has.

      As far as going public with her story, I think its something that should be discussed with a therapist, not the whole world. The only reason she is going public with her story is to garner attention and fame. If she truly was seeking help for her problem, she should go see a therapist, not publish a book. There is a big difference between seeking help for a problem and screaming for attention.

  2. Its pretty appalling, but to answer your questions about WHY, its simple really. Everyone wants to see someone who is more fucked up in the head than they are. Trust me, its how I make my living. The shows like intervention and rehab- those all prove that our society wants to see others fail, and get back up. Its human, we need it, it reassures us.
    Can she be addicted to abortion? Sure. You can technically be addicted to anything. Id be interested in reading the book, to find out how she is validating her poor decisions and how it has changed her, if at all.
    It must be incredibly difficult to walk into the spotlight, knowing the world might hate you….
    Disgusting indeed. But I bet its a bestseller.

    • Liz

      I agree. You CAN be addicted to anything. But that doesn’t make what she is doing right. I think the thing that appalls me the most is people will read the book and it probably will be a bestseller. And not because people want to help her, but because they want to read about/watch somebody who is more screwed up than they are. Its sad, really

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