Rebecca, Ch. 3

Ch. 3:

As Rebecca paced back and forth in the emergency room all she could hear was the sound of the doctors trying to save Michael’s life. He had gone into cardiac arrest for the third time in a little over 4 hours. If this kept happening there would be permanent damage done to his heart. And that was assuming they could revive him.

Rebecca snapped out of her revery as the doctor exited Michael’s hospital room, pulling off the sixth set of gloves since Michael had come into the emergency room. He pushed the graying hair back off his face as he wearily walked over to where Rebecca was standing. He wasn’t supposed to be working the emergency room that night, but his boss had convinced him to take the shift. Three attendings had gone home with the flu and they were swamped with two 6 car pileups in the middle of rush hour traffic. It would be another 14 hours before he would go home.

“Mrs. Manheim?”

“Yes, doctor?” Rebecca said with the unmistakable fear of a young wife in her voice.

“Your husband is going to need a pacemaker,” The doctor said, “I’ve called up to cardiology and the cardiologist should be here within the hour to explain what is going to happen. We have Michael stabilized for now, but the next 72 hours will be crucial to his recovery. I suggest calling his family and letting them know they may want to get here if at all possible.”

“Is he going to make it?” Rebecca asked as she started to shake with the sobs racking her frail body.

“Only time will tell,” the doctor sighed, “He lost a lot of blood and there was a lot of damage done to his organs. He’s lucky to have made it this far.”

At this Rebecca broke down and headed for the restroom. The doctor walked away as a nurse ran after Rebecca. She couldn’t believe she has been making love to Nancy as her husband was dying on the 405 freeway. She exited the bathroom stall after she was sure she couldn’t get sick anymore and splashed water on her face. The nurse asked her if she was okay and Rebecca asked her where she could get some coffee. She made her way to the vending machine and began to think back to when she had first married Michael. She had only been 20 years old when they said their vows in a small ceremony overlooking the Pacific ocean. They had been so in love then, or so she thought. Michael finished up his bachelor’s degree the following year and got a job working for Jackson Enterprises soon after.

Rebecca snapped out of her revery as Stephanie rushed up to her.

“What are you doing here?” Rebecca asked angrily, her hands clenching into fists as she felt her blood pressure rise. The last time she had seen Stephanie had been when she was down on her knees servicing her husband. That image kept playing on a reel in Rebecca’s mind as Stephanie tried to defend herself.

I’ve come to see Michael,” Stephanie said, annoyance dripping from her voice, “Is that a problem?”

Actually, yes it is,” Rebecca said, moving towards Stephanie as she contemplated what to do next, “Your not welcome here, and if you don’t leave now I’ll call hospital security.”

“Fine.” Stephanie spat as she walked towards the elevator doors, “Mr. Jackson is on his way.”

As Stephanie huffed off, Rebecca spotted another equally unwelcome figure and couldn’t help but wonder when this nightmare was going to end.

“What have the doctors said?” Mr. Jackson asked as Rebecca rolled her eyes in disgust.

“To be honest Mr. Jackson, I don’t much feel like telling you,” Rebecca said, contempt dripping from her voice, “Seeing as how its your fault he was here in the first place. You know the history between him and that bitch, yet you insist that they fly halfway around the world ALONE on our anniversary? How much of a heartless jerk can you be?”

“I’m sorry you feel that way,” Mr. Jackson said as the color in his cheeks began to burn bright red with anger, “But I needed my best people working on this contract, and Michael knows the investors better than anybody.”

“You can’t possibly think Stephanie was the best one for the job,” Rebecca said dryly, “We all know why you hired her in the first place. Now please leave.”

As Mr. Jackson walked quickly away, he couldn’t help but wonder if he had deserved that or not. He knew about the affair soon after it began, but had kept them working together for almost a year longer, even though it was against company policy. Why hadn’t he moved Stephanie to another department? He had hired her for her looks, not for her marketing abilities. She couldn’t design an ad if her life depended on it, but he knew investors and potential business partners were more inclined to deal with him if they liked what they thought he had to offer. He had a talented team of ad designers working under Stephanie who could make up in ways she was lacking.


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