What NOT to do

What NOT to do in a relationship, at least if you want to STAY in that relationship:

1. Do not get overly clingy. This manifests itself in constantly calling, texting, iming, etc.

2. Do not demand to know every detail of their day. This shows them that you don’t trust them. If they want to tell you, they will, otherwise, a simple “How was your day?” will do.

3. Do not sleep with them before you are both ready. If the other person wants to wait until they are married then respect that decision. And do not pressure them.

4. This one should be a no-brainer, but I’m going to say it anyways: Do not cheat on them! If you are in a committed relationship and having serious feelings for another person, then you need to break up with your SO (significant other) BEFORE you start seeing another person. You would expect the same from them, so have some decency and respect for them as well.

5. Don’t drop off the face of the planet to the rest of the world just because you have a bf/gf. Make sure you maintain a life of your own outside of the relationship. No one wants to be the sole filler of your time.

6. Don’t pester your SO to meet their family and/or friends. They will introduce you when they are ready, and not a moment before.

7. This applies mostly to the girls, but I’ve known guys to ask the same thing. Do not ask them if you look fat and/or ugly in something. THEY WILL LIE TO YOU, especially if the outfit is particularly unflattering. If you are questioning it, then they will too. This basically boils down to insecurity, and insecurity is NOT appealing to the opposite sex.

8. Especially in the beginning of a relationship, hold the releasing of gas (i.e farting, burping, etc.) to the restroom. I know it hurts. I know that sometimes it sneaks up on you rather quickly. Just excuse yourself and dash for the restroom. Carry beano with you if you have to. Just don’t do it.

9. This is a big pet peeve for me. If you have made plans with your SO, don’t break them unless you have a valid excuse. And no, the buddies came over suddenly and wanted to hang out is not a valid excuse. This is a HUGE sign of disrespect towards the other person. A valid excuse is your puking your guts out, you’re a snotty mess, your on the way to the E.R, there was a sudden death in the family, etc. If you don’t have the respect to make them a priority in your life then you shouldn’t be with them. Plain and simple. If your friends are showing up unexpectedly, it means you’re not following rule # 5.

10. Last but not least, DO NOT discuss the details of your relationship with other people. It’s none of their business to know how great the sex is, or how horrible your SO is. All you are doing is coloring other people’s view of your SO before they have a chance to defend themselves, and that isn’t fair to either one of you. If you are having issues that you simply cannot work out on your own, Go to someone who is fair and balanced, and will listen to both sides before coming to a conclusion. Examples of people NOT to go to include your friends, your SO’s friends, either of your family members, mutual friends. Examples of people to go to: A counselor, clergy, etc.

If you have more to add, feel free to leave it in the comments!


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