Rebecca, Ch. 5

Ch. 5:

As Rebecca raced out the door, Nancy began to panic. She knew the relationship between Michael and Rebecca was rocky, but something like this could either tear them apart or bring them closer than ever. She didn’t want to wish Michael ill, but she knew the only chance she stood with Rebecca was if he didn’t make it through this. As she sat down on the couch the doorbell rang.

“Who’s there?” Nancy asked as she placed the wine glasses in the sink.

“This is Stephanie. Who are you?”

Nancy opened the door to see a tall blond standing in front of her, dressed to the nines in a Gucci dress and Prada heels.

“I’m a friend of Rebecca’s,” Nancy said, as she became increasingly annoyed with the unwelcome visitor. “Who are you?”

I’m an associate of Michael’s,” Stephanie said with an air of superiority that often marked her conversation with those she considered less worthy than herself. “I’m supposed to be picking him up for a business trip to Japan.”

“I’m not sure I’m the one who should be telling you,” Nancy said as she began to wonder if this was the same Stephanie that Rebecca constantly referred to as the heartless bitch, “But I don’t know who else you’ll hear it from. Michael’s been in an accident. Rebecca is on her way to the hospital to see him right now.”

Without another word, Stephanie walked briskly for the limo taking her to the airport. She called Mr. Jackson as soon as she got inside.

“Hello?” Mr. Jackson said angrily as he spilled coffee all over his brand new suit. His employees knew not to call him this early unless it was an emergency.

“Mr. Jackson, this is Stephanie. I’m sorry to be calling so early, but Michael’s been in an accident and is at the hospital. What should I do?”

“Go to the hospital and I’ll call the investors myself,” Mr. Jackson said as his brain kicked into overdrive, “I’ll be there as soon as I can. Do you know what hospital he is at?”

“I don’t know,” Stephanie said, “I’m assuming Mercy General. It’s the only trauma hospital between his house and work.”

“Call me once you know for sure,” Mr. Jackson said, hanging up the phone before he finished his sentence. As much of a looker as Stephanie was, she had the brains of a 2-year-old and he began to wonder whether or not she was the best choice for her position. She couldn’t make even the most miniscule decision without consulting him. It was like having a wife, but without the benefits.

Mr. Jackson hung up the phone and paged his assistant, telling her to bring a pad of paper and a pen.

“I need to have flowers sent to Mercy General care of Michael Manheim and his wife Rebecca,” Mr. Jackson said, “And I need to schedule a press conference right away please.”

“I’ll get right on it.” Melissa said as she avoided eye contact with Mr. Jackson. He was an intimidating man, even if she had seen him with his pants around his ankles.

As the assistant left, Mr. Jackson began to wonder whether the flowers would be enough.

“Melissa, can you please come back in here?”

“Yes, Mr. Jackson?” Melissa said as she wondered whether or not he had remembered that he wanted a morning pick me up.

“Have the flowers delivered here,” Mr. Jackson said as he pictured the young girl standing in front of him naked, “I’ll take them myself. And have my car brought around front please. Oh and please schedule that press conference for tomorrow morning, before the morning news. And I’ll be passing on my morning pick me up today, in case you were wondering.”

Melissa left the office and headed straight for the restroom, barely making it before she became sick. She tidied up a bit and walked back to her office, calling the local florist and placing the order for a dozen lilies to be brought to the office. She called Mr. Jackson’s driver and asked him to have the car brought around front so he could take Mr. Jackson to Mercy General. She began to feel sick again as she pictured her 62-year-old boss describing, in detail, her duties as his assistant. She had only taken the job as a last resort and couldn’t wait until she got a better job. She held back her disgust as she heard Mr. Jackson’s personal line ring again.


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