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Relationships 101: Jealousy, Oh no!

How many of you have ever had an SO that compliments people of the opposite sex in front of you? Apparently this girl does. Considering I’ve been that girl before, I’m pretty sure she’s not alone. In my infinite wisdom, I’ve come up with a way to deal with it that (should) leave all parties (relatively) unscathed:

1. DON’T call them out on it right when it happens. Wait till you are alone to talk about it. This serves two purposes. It doesn’t embarrass him, therefore putting him on the defensive, and it gives you a chance to evaluate what happened and give you a chance to cool down.

2. When you do talk about it, make sure you are CALM and RATIONAL about it. Screaming or crying doesn’t do anybody any good, especially not you. Explain to him what he did that is upsetting you, and explain why.

3. Don’t accuse him of being a dirty, rotten, no good SO. All this does is put him on the defensive and makes it to where he’s even less willing to work on a compromise.

4. LISTEN to him. Give him a chance to explain. You’ll be able to tell from body language (eye contact, position of arms, how close he is to you, etc) whether he is being honest about his intentions or not.

5. Be willing to COMPROMISE. If he is a naturally friendly person, then you need to evaluate if your going to be okay with that. Remember, you should be willing to change just as much as your asking him to change.

Ideally, your self-esteem needs to be high enough to where your okay with your SO being a friendly person. If you’re not, then that is something YOU need to work on, not him. Just remember that confidence is hot.


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