Day One: August 25th, 2010

Didn’t go so well. I forgot that today is Wednesday, the first of Joe’s two days off. Its 8:22pm, and we haven’t even eaten dinner yet. Skipped breakfast entirely, then made up for it with quite possibly the worst thing I could have possibly eaten, an individual Stromboli (It’s like a pizza folded in half on top of itself with the cheese and toppings inside, and brushed with garlic butter) with two glasses of root beer to top it all off. To say it was wonderful is an understatement of astronomical proportions.

But it totally wasn’t worth it. I came home, jumped in the pool to cool off, and automatically fell asleep for a good four hours, leaving Joe to fend for himself on one of the two days I get to spend with him. And we’re about to have Vince’s spaghetti for dinner, which is sure to taste wonderful, but will more than likely make me sick to my stomach.

So I guess I’ll “start” tomorrow. Lets hope its better than today was.


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One response to “Day One: August 25th, 2010

  1. Hello, just wanted to comment and say good luck with your diet. Don’t worry about messing up one day, you can always spring back from bad food choices.

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