There are few things…

That truly annoy me, to the point where I’m visibly and/or audibly upset. The one thing that does bother me though? Idiots who can’t figure out how to drive. Let me explain my reasoning behind this. First of all, the average car weighs in at just under 3,000 pounds. That is a lot of weight. It can do a lot of damage if you’re not careful, and a lot of people simply aren’t careful.


Those USED to be average size cars. And I’d be willing to bet that the drivers weren’t exactly walking away from that one.

People get hurt, and lives get changed when people don’t drive properly.

I know I’m no saint when I’m behind the wheel. I tend to have a bit of a lead foot, but it has gotten better in recent months, though I’m far from perfect, as Joe will be more than willing to tell you.

But at least I pay attention. I don’t talk on my cell while I’m driving. I don’t text and drive at the same time. I refuse to get into a conversation that will distract me while I’m driving. I realize that I am in command of a 3,000 pound death machine, and I RESPECT that. And it really bugs me when people don’t realize that they could seriously hurt or even KILL someone.

One of my other pet peeves is pedestrians or people on bikes who don’t pay attention and expect me to pay attention for them, above and beyond what I already do. And I was recently reminded of why its important for pedestrians and people on bikes to pay attention as well.

My dad has known G (name withheld to protect privacy) for most of my life, well over 20 years. He drives for a living. And last week, he killed two people while driving home. They were hidden in the shadows at twilight. He never even saw them. There was NOTHING he could do. Though he was found not at fault, he has to live with the fact that he KILLED two people for the rest of his life. To say this is tearing him apart would be the understatement of the fucking century.

And all because two people on bikes couldn’t be bothered to pay attention. Their lives are OVER because they were too busy chatting to realize they had put themselves in the path of a moving vehicle. Two lives wasted, and dozens more affected because they weren’t concerned for their own safety.

So please, do me a favor. Put down the cell phone, hamburger, burrito, or whatever and pay fucking attention.


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