This is why I don’t date assholes

I was channel surfing the other day when I happened on MTV, and that bullshit they like to call a show “Jersey Shore” was on. I don’t normally take the drop in IQ points to watch this show, but I was bored and there wasn’t much on. And I needed new blogging material, so I figured they were fair game, right?

I should have changed the channel.

In this particular episode, Mike, a.k.a “The Situation” has a bit of a problem on his hands. There are two women practically throwing themselves at the fine young gentlemen who waste air on that show, but then two other girls show up unexpectedly, so now he has a different problem. Instead of there not being enough whores, I mean girls, to go around, there are too many. Most men would kill to be in that position, but oh no, not Mike (I refuse to call him by his nickname).

Instead, he decides that one of the girls is not good enough for him or his friends, so he ships his minions off to screw the girls that were there first, and he goes to hook up with the hot one that showed up unexpectedly. But what to do with the “fat” one? (He actually called her a hippo on national tv, but I’m not that horrible of a person). He tucks her into bed in one of the spare rooms, and takes off to his bed with the hot one.

Here is where I have a problem. That girl was absolutely not fat, nowhere NEAR it. She looked to be about 5’3-5’4 and maybe 130 pounds. Not fat at all. Actually, she looked to be the healthiest (besides the fact that she was beyond wasted) out of the four who were there, and that douche bag actually had the nerve to call her a HIPPO on national television.

First of all, I’d like to know which programming director at MTV thought it would be okay to air that. We know that show is edited, how could it not be? So why did that particular bit have to go on? Why couldn’t they have thrown that particular gem in the trash where it belongs?

We have enough of a self-esteem crisis among young girls these days. Girls as young as 15 are having plastic fucking surgery because they’re not happy with themselves. Don’t even get my started on the bulimia and anorexia statistics. And girls watch that show religiously. Young girls. Impressionable girls. Girls who look a lot like that girl he called a hippo. And girls who are even skinnier than the girl he called a hippo, but still think that they’re fat.

So shame on you MTV and Mike, shame on you for making perfectly healthy girls think they’re hippo’s, all in the name of good ratings.


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