Relationships 101: What’s Wrong With Me?

I can count the number of long-term boyfriend’s I’ve had (long-term being three months or longer) on one hand. Even at 26, I can still count the number of men I’ve been with sexually on one hand. All that to say, I’m no stranger to the “what’s wrong with me” feeling. I’ve been on countless dates, most of which I thought went successfully, but then I never got a call back. And the really sucky part is I live in a small town, so I’ve even run into them with their new girlfriend on occasion. To say it was awkward is an understatement of astronomical proportions. But I moved on. How?

1. I realized that humans are fickle creatures. They’ll say one thing and do another, and I can’t hold myself responsible for their decisions.

2. I realized that some men are assholes with their head shoved too far up their ass to realize what they’ve missed out on.

3. And finally, I realized there’s nothing wrong with me. Just because he never called doesn’t mean I’m not dateable, or ultimately, loveable. As Joe will be MORE  than willing to tell you, I am extremely loveable. And so are you.

So here is what you need to do:

1. Put yourself out there again. The only way your going to find someone is if your open to meeting new people.

2. Realize that you WILL get rejected. It’s NOT a reflection on you. Rather, its them realizing that you’re not what they want/need at the moment and they’re saving you from unnecessary pain. Or they’re just an asshole, whatever works for you.

3. When that rejection comes, don’t take it personally. Throw on your favorite dress and get back out there.


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