Rebecca, Ch. 6

Ch. 6:

The office was strangely quiet for a Thursday morning, and Mr. Jackson didn’t like it. He wasn’t a man of thought, but of action. It was how he’d risen to the top in less than 20 years and made CEO and President of his father’s company, Jackson Enterprises. So being left alone on a Thursday morning with nothing to do was a rather uncomfortable experience, to say the least. Just as Mr. Jackson was starting to question his motives for going to the hospital, the phone rang.

“Hello?” Mr. Jackson said gruffly as he was startled out of his revery once again by his personal line ringing. The only people to ever use it were Stephanie and his soon to be ex-wife. Neither call was ever very pleasant.

“Mr. Jackson, its Stephanie. Michael is at Mercy General, but his wife refuses to tell me anything. She kicked me out of the hospital before I had a chance to see Michael.”

“To be honest, I don’t blame her,” Mr. Jackson said dryly, “You did sleep with her husband after all.”

“I know,” Stephanie said as she reeled from the gruffness of Mr. Jackson’s voice. Most men didn’t speak to her like that, but then again it was Mr. Jackson, reportedly one of the toughest men in his industry, “I just wish she would get over it. He is my friend too.”

“One must wonder what kind of friend you are, if she still feels threatened by you,” Mr. Jackson said with a sarcastic chuckle in his voice,  “Its been my experience that women don’t normally react that way unless they have a reason. Either way, I’ll be leaving to go to Mercy General as soon as I’m done with you, so I’ll try to reason with her, though I don’t know how well that will go over. I was the one who kept you two working together long after I knew about the affair.”

Mr. Jackson hung up the phone before he could hear Stephanie’s offended response, then grabbed his coat and the flowers on his way out the door. He brushed past Melissa as he stared down her low-cut shirt and reveled in what would be his once he got back to the office.


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