I Like It On My…

As many of you are aware, October is breast cancer awareness month. As someone who’s lost a loved one to breast cancer, I definitely appreciate the sentiment when people try to raise awareness about breast cancer in general.

But some of them make me scratch my head and go WTF?

I Like It...

Like THIS latest trend. I did it a few days ago because I kept getting messages in my inbox and figured it would shut them up. But seriously, WTH? I don’t understand the connection, other than to provoke WTF responses out of the men in our lives. Sure breast cancer research is important, and its got people talking about it, but the discussions I’ve seen haven’t really centered around breast cancer research and awareness, but on why stunts like this one don’t really do anything other than make people confused.

Unfortunately, while trends like this spread like wildfire over the internet, the organizations that are taking real steps to help people like THIS ONE, have to work twice as hard and probably only see half the traffic, which means that fewer women will be helped. So please do me a favor, and click HERE to help fund mammograms for women who would otherwise not be able to afford it.


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