The Lesser of Two Evils

I hate that phrase, especially when it comes to politics/government, but its a phrase I hear all too often, and that scares me. Let me explain.

In America, we are governed by a REPRESENTATIVE government. In other words, the government is supposed to represent the majority of the people. Regardless of your political leanings, I think we can all say the “major” political parties haven’t had the best interests of their constituents at heart for a long time. However, when it comes right down to it, the people have the ultimate power. If you are unhappy with how your government is being run, vote in different people to run it. It’s really pretty simple. So why am I always hearing the phrase “lesser of two evils” when it comes to politics? It’s not like there aren’t other options.

The “lesser of two evils” is still evil! If neither of the “major” political parties has what you are looking for in REPRESENTATIVE government, then vote for someone else. If enough people voted for the candidate(s) that best suited their wants/needs, the “major” political parties wouldn’t be so major. Regardless of how much money the special interest groups spend, at the end of the day, its YOUR vote that puts them in office. Passing the blame onto the special interest groups does no good, because when it comes right down to it, your vote is the one that counts.

Ever heard the phrase you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink? All the money in the world would mean nothing if people would take the time to really look into who they are voting for. It’s as easy as going to your computer, opening up a search engine and typing in the name of the candidate you want more information on. It’s never been easier, yet people don’t seem to care enough to take the time to really look into who they are voting for.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the people WE put in office have a lot of influence over our lives, so you would think that people would be more careful about who they put in those offices. The last few years is proof positive of that. We’re in the worst recession since the great depression, and it is DIRECTLY related to the political decisions of the last 40 years, decisions made by the people WE put in office. So to be honest, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

In the end, I guess what it boils down to is people are lazy, and they don’t want to put in the effort to find out who they should be voting for, who best REPRESENTS what they want/need. And to be honest, I don’t feel sorry for those people. If you vote for someone simply because that is who your party/partner/parents/family/friends says to vote for, I don’t feel bad for you when that elected REPRESENTATIVE does something that negatively affects your quality of life.



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2 responses to “The Lesser of Two Evils

  1. Hi Liz!
    I really must commend you on your words regarding the political process in America. I, like you, do not have a great deal of sympathy for those in society that ‘go along and get along.’ Furthermore, I abhor those people given over to not voting at all – those who by laziness and two dimensional thinking gripe constantly about what is going on in America.
    However, there are a couple of points in your article that I have concerns about if for no other reason than I think they may be misleading.
    “Regardless of how much money the special interest groups spend, at the end of the day, it’s YOUR vote that puts them in office. Passing the blame onto the special interest groups does no good, because when it comes right down to it, your vote is the one that counts.”
    This is misleading insofar as it leads one to believe that it is the special interest group that is getting into office. Not to be misunderstood – there is a portion of that statement that rings true. Passing blame is never ideal or good; yet, when one thinks of the amount of money and influence that special interest groups have they do, in fact, have an unfair advantage. I believe the greatest example of special interest serving up their power is best seen by the current administration – and I think that political history will support me one this notion.
    One other are of concern is within the notion of ‘Representative Democracy.’ We should all try and remember that politics and governance are still theoretical and philosophical indentures. Every person aware of the Founders – during their time – knew that putting the governing structure together was an ‘experiment.’ Having stated that now comes real test: You allege that it’s the people and I agree; however, how does some ridiculous bill such as “Obamacare” get passed when more than 70 percent of the people are against it?
    And the issue that bothers me is anchor babies predicated upon the language of the 14th Amendment. Moreover, in excess of 80 percent of the people do not want citizenship bestowed simply upon being born or ‘present’ in our country. These last two uses of percentages are clear examples of the people not always having their duly represented officials doing what it is that they desire.

    • Liz


      Thank you for taking the time to actually read what I wrote and thereby forming a coherent response. All too often people read the first few sentences, decide that they don’t like what I’m saying, then write a three page rant that has absolutely nothing to do with what I’ve actually written. So thank you for not being one of those people =)

      That being said, I think I need to clarify what I originally meant in regards to your concerns, namely the concern about special interest groups in America. I did not intend to say that special interest groups are the ones getting into office. What I meant was the special interest groups seem to have a strangle hold on many of the politicians, especially when it comes to the national level of politics, and if Americans want that to change, they need to make sure they are voting responsibly (i.e, doing research on the candidates they are interested in instead of just voting the party line). While I agree the special interest groups have an unfair advantage when it comes to money in politics, at the end of the day it is up to the people putting the politicians in office to make sure they are voting for the best candidate for them.

      In this age of information where people can access information on virtually everyone with the click of a mouse, there is simply no excuse for not voting responsibly.

      As for your second concern, to the best that I understand it, you are saying that the people are not getting what they want/need, correct? If this is correct, then I agree with you! But that is my entire point. These are all things that have happened BECAUSE people are voting “for the lesser of two evils” and not doing what they should be doing, which is voting responsibly.

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