If you had to sum up your life story from birth to today, how would it go?

Hrm. That’s going to take some brain power. In a word, I would have to say blessed. Despite the many mistakes I’ve made and the mistakes others have made, I’ve managed to survive.

That’s not to say its been easy, far from it in fact. But I’ve found through too many bad experiences that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. I’d be lying if I said I reacted well 100% of the time, but I’d like to think I’ve gotten better with it the longer I’ve been on this planet.

If there is one thing I’ve learned along the way, and this only comes with age, unfortunately, it’s that you can’t let the decisions of others affect how your life is going to end up. Sure my parents may have moved me to this God-forsaken house, but its MY responsibility to make the best of it.

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