Oh Joy, the Holiday’s!

What’s not to love about the holiday’s? The family you really don’t want to see, the lines around the block at the grocery store, or for those of us here in good ole “sunny” so cal the bucket of rain that fell on us the week leading up to the big day?

Or maybe its all the food you’re going to devour (heaven help your waistline) or the really nice presents:

like the camera (pictured above, review coming later) I got from that wonderful boyfriend of mine or the HD video recorder I’m getting from my parents (pictured below, review coming once I get it):

My favorite pastime, however, is going to places like amazon.com and reading all the reviews. Some of the funniest reviews are the ones that complain about the shipping time/cost. You want to know what’s so funny? The company you are purchasing from has little to no control over the shipping time/costs. The one I see the most complaints about is the time it takes to ship from the warehouse to the delivery destination. and people blame the retail company, even though they have no control over it once it leaves their warehouse. If you want to complain to someone or give someone a bad review because it took too long to get to you, blame whatever shipping method YOU CHOSE at checkout. Or better yet, blame yourself. Most major online companies offer numerous shipping options. If you choose free shipping and are expecting it to be there in four days, you are sadly mistaken. If you want/need the item to be there sooner, you’re going to need to pay for upgraded shipping. I know it sucks, but that is the name of the game. And waiting till December 23rd and expecting it to be there Christmas morning is just really fucking stupid.


But that brings me to the price. First of all, the retail company has little to no control over how much you pay for shipping. Those rates are determined, once again, by the SHIPPING COMPANY. They are the ones charging you an arm and a leg, not the company you are buying it from. In fact, they are probably swallowing some of the shipping cost as well. My favorite reviews come from the people who order six different things from places like amazon.com and then expect to only have to pay one shipping rate. Well, that’s just not going to happen folks. You are more than likely ordering from six different sellers who are in six different places, which means they are using six different delivery methods. So your going to have to pay for those six different delivery methods. If it’s that goddamn important to you to not pay that much in shipping, why don’t you do this weird thing called pull on your public clothes and GO TO THE STORE AND BUY IT!

In short, please realize that while your frustrations are valid, you’re aiming that anger and frustration at the wrong people.


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  1. Megan

    People have just become so entitled I think. They want so much and they don’t want to pay for it or be inconvenienced.

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