A Baker’s Dozen of Links for Writers (via Writing Under Pressure)

As the writer of the post mentions below, as writer’s we’re supposed to pay it forward, and help someone out who could use it. This is my way of paying it forward, both for the writer of the post, and those of you who want to pursue writing either as a career or as a hobby. Do yourself a favor and pass this along to your friends =)

A Baker's Dozen of Links for Writers It’s the season of sweets, gift giving, and toasting to a new year. So, from me to you… …A Baker’s Dozen of links to articles, interviews, and posts from this last year that have inspired me to write, reaffirmed my commitment to write, or changed my perspective when I write. 1-5. Stocking Stuffer posts by Angela Ackerman (at The Bookshelf Muse) on: Blogging Description Drafting Revision Emotion. Each post offers five simple tips that will hel … Read More

via Writing Under Pressure


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