Photo Challenge!

Ever since that wonderful boyfriend of mine got me this:


for Christmas, I’ve been on a photography kick, which got me thinking. Every older person I’ve ever known has said we need to document our time here, to leave behind a piece of ourselves for future generations. So that is what I’m going to do. My goal is to post at least one picture everyday (probably more, but we’ll see) that I’ve taken that day. So here are a few I took today:


Snickers, deciding whether or not she wants to abandon her post.

She decided she'd rather remain queen of the castle for a little while longer =)

Joe, that wonderful boyfriend of mine, doing what he does best =)

The finished product of what Joe was making. Yes, he made the dough himself, and I made the sauce from his great grandmother's recipe =)



I actually wrote this last night, but it was pretty late, so I’m future posting it to this morning. Today Joe and I are celebrating my birthday by going to Ruth’s Chris steak house, so be looking for pictures from that tomorrow!


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