January 5th, 2011

Sorry they’re late, I passed out last night before I could upload the pictures. Without further adieu:

A strawberry field near my house. It's about to smell HORRIBLE around here. Yuck

Cows, track housing, and green hill sides. Yea, its like that.

Golf course near where my mom works.

The sun behind the clouds.

Clouds as me and my mom were coming back from Wal-Mart =)

The urban jungle, a.k.a the 60/215 interchange

The cross over ramp from the 60 freeway to the 91 freeway. Yea, I'm definitely NOT a fan.

A crane that's been near the 91 freeway for as long as I can remember.

One of a few courthouses in downtown Riverside.

The drive on the 91 freeway in the middle of the afternoon. See, it's not THAT bad.

Today’s pictures will be up in a bit =)


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