Describe a recent Aha! moment

I’m going to say when I realized I was really in love with Joe, which is last night. My best friend’s sister is throwing her a surprise birthday party (don’t worry, I future dated this post so she doesn’t see it till after the big surprise) and decided to hire a male stripper. I know. I was MORTIFIED. And I’m sure my friend will be too when she realizes what is going on.

But back to the Aha! moment. I was sitting on the desk and Joe was sitting on the window sill, and we were having a discussion about why he was uncomfortable with the idea of me being at this party, especially since he knows my low tolerance for alcohol. I was getting pretty upset because it seemed like he didn’t trust me, which wasn’t the case at all. He’s a guy. He KNOWS what he thinks about me, and he has a pretty good idea of what most other guys think about me. And as he said, “shit happens.”

So obviously I started crying. I can’t just not go since I helped plan the whole thing AND she’s like my best friend ever, but I love Joe and I would hate to think of him sitting at home while I watched a male stripper do his thing.

And then it hit me.

I never would have given two shits about Joe being uncomfortable if I didn’t love him as much as I do. I have an independent streak a mile wide, and I don’t take “direction” very well. If ANY other guy had expressed concern over me going to this party, I would have said too bad, so sad. But I DO care, and the only reason I was crying last night was because I could see that the whole situation was hurting him, and that hurt me too.

So yea, that was my most recent Aha! moment.



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2 responses to “Describe a recent Aha! moment

  1. Love works in strange way, sometimes we don’t realize it. I think Joe already has a special place in your heart. It should be the same for him too which makes him uncomfortable about the party.

    You gotta thank your best friend and the stripper for the aha moment.

  2. That’s so sweet. ❤ I'm glad you had this moment, and share it. It strengthens my belief in love.

    Keep up the good work on blogging! 🙂

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