You only have one hour to live…

what would you do?

Well, I’m really not at liberty to go into detail, but its safe to assume it would involve Joe and an empty house =D


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One response to “You only have one hour to live…

  1. Half the message I’ve been given to announce, in a mirad of ways, is just the container you open with that question. The Lord proposes that every man (or woman, which ever you find yourself being at any moment in today’s society…… LOL) should consider every second as his or her last. Death comes at every age and quite suddenly. It has no respect to our dreams or duties. And once death has done it’s work we are ushered into the presence of the Living God. There we either give account of ourselves according to His Pure Holy standards, or we are proclaimed by Jesus as belonging to Him. It’s in this life that we decide and live according to that choice.

    Thanks for the thought.

    By His Grace.

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