What is the bravest thing?


Hahahaha, yea. I'm not sure if this is bravery or stupidity, but its awesome nonetheless.


The question continued what is the bravest thing you’ve ever seen someone do, but I don’t know that I can limit it to just one thing because I’ve seen people do a lot of brave things. The first would have to be my mom leaving my biological father when I was only 7 months old. Its 1984, she has no job, she is 3,000 miles away from her family, and she had an infant to take care of. But she still left, leaving behind the family that she thought was meant for her. All to protect me from the one man she thought she was going to be with forever.

The next thing would have to be my dad. Its 1985. He is single, never married, no kids to speak of when he meets my mom, a single parent with no help from my biological father. He could have ran screaming in the other direction when he found out she had a kid. But he didn’t. He endured her alcoholic parents and put up with my toddler self. He even adopted me so I would be protected in the event anything happened to him or my mom.

Fast forward 23 years to me walking up the steps of The Old Spaghetti Factory to meet a complete stranger that I’d found on craigslist. In hindsight I made the right decision, but most people would say that was either brave or extremely stupid.

The next person would have to be my sister, who we’ll call E for privacy. Her husband was deployed to a war zone, she had two kids of her own, and her baby sister had just given birth to a baby E knew my other sister wouldn’t be able to care for. So E loaded her kids up in the car and made the drive from her home to Maryland and picked up my nephew and brought him home with her to raise as one of her own.


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