Do you want to live forever?

Okay, I got my rant out of the way, I promise. Sorry you had to read that, I just needed to get out of my brain and onto SOMETHING, preferably not another human being.

But onto better and brighter things.

Do I want to live forever?

In a word, no. For a couple of different reasons. Since I (mostly) consider myself a “Christian” in the loosest definition of the word, I believe in an afterlife that is so much more awesome than life here on earth. No, I’m NOT starting a theological debate with you, but you wanted to know why, so deal with it. So why would I want to stick around here forever, when I know there is something so much better waiting for me.

My second reason is slightly more practical. Lets face it, life is WORK. You have to work hard in school, in your relationships, in your job, in everything you do. Sure, if you lived forever you’d have an infinite amount of time to gain wealth, but that only solves a couple of those problems. I’m not saying I’m done with life now, but the thought of it lasting FOREVER?!?!?! Scares the crap outta me, to be honest. I want to grow old, to be more stable, have kids, see my grand kids be born, and then be done. That’s just how life WORKS, and I like it that way.



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4 responses to “Do you want to live forever?

  1. Amen to that.

    And I’m sorry to read about your family frustrations. I hope everything works out for you all, and you won’t go crazy dealing with your parents.

    • Liz

      Its really not as bad as it sounds. I talked to my dad yesterday and told him I didn’t want to hear about how sorry he feels for himself because he brought this on himself, and he said he’d do his best, which is all I can ask for. The best part of it all is no matter what happens, it will all be over soon. But thank you, I appreciate your concern =)

  2. I whole heartily agree. I have no desire to live forever.

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