What is your problem America?

The HIV/AIDs epidemic is growing. In 1991, close to 7 million people worldwide were infected with the disease. In 2009, that number has more than QUADRUPLED to over 33 MILLION people (Statistics obtained HERE). In 2009 alone, over 16 million children were orphaned because of AIDS, and of those 33 million people living with HIV/AIDS in 2009, 2.5 million of them were children.

In 2006 in the U.S alone, 750,000 women under the age of 20 became pregnant (Statistic obtained here:USTPtrends). Of those women, roughly 20 in every 1,000 decided to have an abortion. In the article linked above, this quote can be found:

“Recent research concluded that almost all of the decline in the pregnancy rate between 1995 and 2002 among 18–19-year-olds was attributable to increased contraceptive use. Among women aged 15–17, about one-quarter of the decline during the same period was attributable to reduced sexual activity and three-quarters to increased contraceptive use.”

In 2009, almost 1.6 million people contracted either Syphilis, Chlamydia, or Gonorrhea in the United States alone (statistics found HERE).

And yet, YOUR elected representatives want to cut federal funding to the one program that is actually trying to do something about those numbers, all because on top of everything else that they do, they also happen to offer low cost abortions to women who make the CHOICE to have one.

What many people fail to realize is this: Abortion services is just one aspect of Planned Parenthood. They also offer STD testing, HIV/AIDS screening, pap smears, birth control, and actual education when it comes to your sexual options, whatever they may be. And all of that will be severely cut or not offered at all if the U.S Senate decides to pass the legislation that has already been passed in the House of Representatives.

Now I know some of you are screaming hallelujah amen. But then I have to ask you, do you have no sympathy? Why do you judge someone without even knowing them? Where in your bible does it say you have the right to limit access to health care, just because you don’t happen to like what they are doing? I know MY bible says this:

“Judge not, that you be not judged.” Matthew 7:1 ESV

YOU  have no right to tell me what to do or what not to do, and trying to take away my medical options because you don’t like what I’m doing IS judging.

But that is besides the point. The point I AM trying to make is this:

1. Abstinence only education does not work. Those statistics listed above are proof positive of that fact. In the PDF linked above about U.S pregnancies, you will find some interesting statistics about who is getting pregnant and where. I would encourage you to read through it.

2. If a woman is desperate enough, she WILL resort to illegal and dangerous methods to get an abortion if she feels it is necessary. Don’t believe me?

That is what happens when a woman lives in a country where abortion isn’t available. The mothers more often than not are worse off than the baby, assuming they even survive. Most die because the COAT HANGER the “doctor” used punctured her uterus and caused her to bleed out, not to mention the numerous infections she could get from dirty equipment. Is that what you REALLY want? Because that is the alternative for millions of women worldwide where SAFE and LEGAL abortions are not available. If your so concerned with the sanctity of human life, how do you justify that? How can your conscience be clean, knowing that if a woman doesn’t have access to a legal abortion, she will resort to an ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS abortion that will more than likely kill her?

3. No they are not voting to make abortions illegal. The supreme court has made sure that can’t happen with Roe V. Wade, but that could change very easily. However, the United States House of Representatives has already voted to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood, not because they are concerned about the expenditure, but because they don’t want to fund abortions. But the reality of this is twofold:  First of all, Planned Parenthood offers dozens of other services funded by that money besides abortion. Life saving, NECESSARY services that many women AND men need in order to stay safe. If that funding is reduced or cut, many people will not be able to get those things because they simply won’t be offered or will be severely reduced. Second of all, I’d much rather have a woman go to a Planned Parenthood clinic to get an abortion than go to Mexico where some “doctor” (and I use that term lightly) will use a coat hanger to hack her apart and remove the baby from her through any means possible.

Think about it in terms of cost as well. They say that the cost is the biggest reason they are doing this, but we all know that is a bunch of horse shit, but just go with me for a second. If it were truly about cost, they would realize that is only going to work in the short term, if that. In the long term, we are going to have more families dependent on welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, and government health care. Furthermore, we are going to be burdened with a working class that has a high incidence of high school dropouts because they dropped out of school to support their family. Oh and those health care costs? Might as well mention that those are going to go up not only because families can’t afford health insurance, but women who went and got abortions (assuming they survive) from illegal sources will need medical care that they probably can’t pay for, so that will fall to the tax payer as well.

I should state this: I don’t like abortion. I would never have one, so long as I wasn’t raped or the baby wasn’t going to kill me. But I’ve seen the realities first hand of what women will resort to if they can’t get a safe, legal, and affordable abortion. It isn’t pretty to say the least, and sticking my head in the sand and screaming “abortion is murder!” isn’t going to solve the problem. Its time for the pro-life movement to get this through their thick skulls: IT ISN’T WORKING, so you need to move on and find other alternatives, or take your self-righteous indignation elsewhere. All you are doing is hurting the very people you are trying to protect, and I for one am sick of dealing with it.


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  1. This is wonderful, well thought out, and well executed.

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