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Romans 1:1-32

Romans Ch. 1:1-32                                9/16/10-9/21/10

Ch. 1 Keywords: Specific to each chapter of the book of Romans, there are additional keywords listed in Kay Arthur’s book “Discover the Bible for Yourself” and these are the keywords for chapter one of Romans:
Exchanged: Romans 1:25 and 26

“God gave them over”: Romans 1:24, 26, and 28

Ch.1 5 W’s and an H chart: The key to any good bible stud is observation, and the best way to do that is to answer the 5 W’s (Who, what, when, were, and why) and the H (How). The way I do this is I go through and pick out the descriptive words and phrases that answer those questions:
Who: Paul, Jesus Christ, prophets, David, saints, God, the called of Jesus, witness, Roman church, gentiles, Greeks, barbarians, wise, unwise, Jew, Godhead, incorruptible God, corruptible man, birds, four-footed animals, creeping things, creature, Creator, women, men.

What: Bondservant, Holy Scriptures, power, apostle, gospel, Spirit of Holiness, grace, peace, thank, prayer, will of God, spiritual gift, established, encouraged mutual faith, unaware, planned, faith, wrath of God, suppress, truth, known of God, invisible attributes, clearly seen, understood, eternal power, without excuse, glorify, thankful, futile, thoughts, foolish, hearts darkened, professing wise fools, glory, image, lusts, hearts, dishonor, bodies, exchanged, truth, lie, worshipped, served, natural use, against nature, burning lust, shameful, receiving, debased mind, unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness, whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things,     disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful, practice things deserving death, approve.

When: Creation of the world.

Where: All nations, Rome.

Why: Obedience, faith, ungodliness, unrighteousness of men, vile passions, penalty error due, retain God knowledge, knowing righteous judgment God.

How: Resurrection, power of God, believes, righteousness of God, manifest, shown, uncleanness.

Ch. 1 Lists: Oftentimes, author’s in the bible tend to use lists to convey a specific message, and Ch. 1 of Romans is no different:
Romans 1:18-32

Ch. 1 Contrasts and Comparisons: More often than not the author of any book will use contrasts and comparisons to get a point across that we wouldn’t normally understand:
Romans 1:13-14 and 21-23

Ch. 1 References to Time: References to time are important because they give us the context in which the writer is coming from, and allow us to see why they are saying what they’re saying:
Romans 1:2-4, 9, 13, 18, 20, and 25

Ch. 1 Terms of Conclusion: More often than not, writer’s tend to save the best for last. If you’re looking for the message, look to where the writer is wrapping a particular thought up, and you’ll probably find it:
Romans 1:16-18, 20, 24, and 26

Ch. 1 Lessons for Life: Every writer is trying to teach you a lesson, no matter what your reading:
1. I need to trust God to bring me through whatever trials I happen to be going through. (Romans 1:17)

2. I need to make sure I am living my life the way He wants me to (Romans 1:20):
a. Don’t be so negative towards the people I say I care about.
b. Stop gossiping.
c. Take care of the body He’s given me.

3. I need to make sure I am strong in His word so I am able to give a defense of my faith if asked. (Romans 1:28)

Ch. 1 Interpretation: The goal of observation is accurate interpretation:
Romans 1:1-7: We as Christians have received a multitude of gifts from God, including (but not limited to):
His gospel
Jesus Christ

Romans 1:8-15: In this passage we learn several earmarks of a “good” Christian     (for lack of a better term), and they are:

Romans 1:16-17: Paul sums up these two verses perfectly in the last line:
“For the just shall live by faith.” Romans 1:17b

Romans 1:18-32: This particular portion of scripture is a hard pill to swallow, but I’ll do my best. For me, it all boils down to one verse in which Paul is listing the symptoms of someone who is not living for God:
“Undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful.” Romans 1:31
I think Paul (and God, of course) is trying to tell us that God has revealed Himself to us in so many ways, yet we continue to turn away from Him, and verse 31 is the result of our disobedience. The only way to counter that is to immerse ourselves in the word of God.

Ch. 1 Application: How does this apply to me? What do I need to change in order to live the way God wants me to live? That is answered in application:
I’ve come up with a few things I need to do to get where I should be with God, and they are:
1. Stop being so hard on the people I say I love, especially my dad and Gregg.

2. Stop complaining to Joe. All I’m doing is validating my feelings of annoyance and disappointment towards whoever I’m complaining about.

3.I NEED to take care of the body God has given me, and that includes not eating junk and making sure I exercise everyday.

4.I really do need to pray more. How am I supposed to know what God wants from me if I never talk to Him?


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Romans Introduction

It’s finally here! I know, its been a long time coming. I HAVE been working on it, I just haven’t been able to devote the time to it that I thought I would. That and it took a LOT longer than I thought it would. But without further adieu:

Romans Introduction and Book Overview

Keywords: These keywords are taken from the book “Discover the Bible for Yourself” By Kay Arthur. I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing this book (clicking on the title will take you to its Amazon page) as I will be using this book throughout my study of the book of Romans. While I will try to explain to the best of my ability what each new section is in my study of the individual chapters, I cannot guarantee I will explain it exactly the way the original author intended it, so it would be best to have the book on hand.

But what are keywords? In every chapter of the book listed above, there will be a list of words that appear several times in the text of your bible. This particular list is a list of words found several (or more) times throughout the entire book of Romans, so I have started the list with their occurrences in chapter one of Romans. I will be adding to this list as we go on and updating this particular post as I study each chapter.
Grace: 1:5, 7;
Faith: 1:5, 8, 12, 17;
Justified: 1:17;
Righteous: 1:17, 32;
Wrath: 1:18;
Judge: 1:32
Gospel: 1:1, 9, 15, 16;
Believe: 1:16;
Gentiles: 1:13;
Jesus Christ: 1:1, 3, 6, 7, 8;
Spirit: 1:4, 9;

What is “Therefore” there for? Throughout Paul’s writing, and in the epistle to the Romans for the purposes of this study, Paul uses the word “Therefore” to identify an important point or message he wants to get across. As I read through the chapters, I will be finding these terms and recording what I believe Paul is trying to communicate, both to the original recipients and to us today. I would highly recommend having a concordance (that link will take you to the Amazon page for the best concordance out there, in my opinion) on hand for this, that way you make sure you identify ALL the “Therefore’s” throughout the book of Romans. It also makes it easier if you want to look at them before reading the entire chapter, which I DO recommend. Skimming the text to identify the key points prior to reading it WILL make it easier to focus on the overall message of the text.

Romans 1:24: Paul is warning against giving into the desires of the flesh.

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