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The Town

I know, it’s a long time coming. But its worth it, trust me.

This movie was awesome from start to finish. Ben Affleck directed, which made me a little skeptical at first since he hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to starring in movies, but I do believe Affleck has found his true calling in directing.

There is definitely a lot of graphic violence, so I wouldn’t recommend this film to those who have weak stomach’s, but overall the movie was really well put together. And in the end, I was rooting for the “bad” guy of the film (played by Affleck), which was kind of confusing to me. While I don’t agree with what he’s doing, the way the movie played out it made me understand where he was coming from, why he did what he did. And in the end, I found myself hoping that he would get what he truly needed. And it was pretty awesome watching him kick ass throughout the movie, but especially towards the end.

One of the other things I really liked was the way Affleck’s character was portrayed. Even though he’s a bank robber, he comes off as oddly human, almost like he cared about the people he was stealing from, especially Claire Keesey (played by Rebecca Hall), whom Affleck’s character ends up falling in love with.

Overall, this movie really makes you think about the other side of the coin. Sure these people make the choice to do what they do, I’m not trying to discount that. But it makes you think, makes you wonder what if? What if they hadn’t grown up where they did, would life be different for them? Or would they have gone down this path either way? And should that change my perspective of them, or are they just criminals, plain and simple?


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