Who is NotMyBetterHalf?

Yes, that is me, and my grandparents dog, Buddy.

Well, I’m a writer by trade, and a human by heart. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, as most writers do. I love to share everything about me and what I think about the world in general. I like to think I’m funny, but I’m not sure my brand of humor is for everyone. I can be highly opinionated, and I consider being called a bitch a compliment. I’m as sarcastic as they come, and I’m not afraid to use my brain power to prove my point. I write without gloves or filters, so if your offended easily, I would steer clear of this blog. I use foul and politically incorrect language. I love my boyfriend to pieces and would take a bullet for any of the people I love, both family AND friends.

I guess a little about my professional life should be included as well. I’ve never been paid to write. Most of what I have been paid for has been spent in the customer service/retail industry. I have won awards for my writing, though it’s not something I plan on pursuing professionally at the moment, though that may change later in life. As far as my career goals are concerned, I’m at a crossroads. My goal up until recently has been to teach at the university level, but I’m not sure that is the direction I want to head anymore, so I’m looking into Early Childhood Development as a short-term goal while I figure out what I want to do long-term. Call it my quarter-life crisis or whatever.

As far as this blog (and my writing in general) I need my readers to understand I write for me. If you connect with it, great. If not, oh well. I don’t write for any particular audience. I write because its cathartic and it helps me process whatever it is I’m writing about. While I don’t write for an audience, I do love the feedback, so feel free to leave a comment if something I’ve said resonates with you. It’s always good to know you’ve left an impression, whether its good or bad.



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