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I don’t know how many of you know this, or even if you care, but I am an avid fan of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I know, I know, why is someone as intelligent as myself reading books designed for 14 year old’s, right? To be honest, I really don’t know. I just like the books, so lets leave it at that, shall we, and move on to the point of this particular post?

There is a paragraph in the book New Moon that struck me especially today, and I’d like to share it with you. It reads:

“But what if this hole never got any better? If the raw edges never healed? If the damage was permanent and irreversible?”

I was mulling over these words, pretty much unable to get them out of my head. For those not in the know, this part deals with the aftermath of Edward leaving Bella. More specifically after she’s finally let go of the numbness that has encroached upon her for months now.

And as much as I hate to admit it, I once identified with the character of Bella. It was after my ex committed suicide. It was, quite literally, like a steel rod had been shoved through my chest and took out most of my vital organs. Ask anyone who knows me, I was in a zombie state for months on end. I’m not even really sure what triggered my return from zombie-ville, but in the months following his death, I asked myself those very same questions more than I care to admit.

But eventually, I moved on. I was able to start my life over again without him, and eventually moved on to MUCH better things in life.

My question though, is what if I hadn’t moved on? What would have happened if I’d stayed perpetually in my zombie-like state?



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Love, Again and Again

Love is all that really matters in life.

Money isn’t going to help at whatever pearly gates you happen to believe in.
Hate and grudges don’t carry over into the next life.
Your pretty car and trophy wife don’t gain you any points in heaven, though I’m sure Hugh Hefner will try to tell you otherwise.
Donating to charity doesn’t earn you any brownie points, just a tax deduction.
Feeding the homeless might help temporary needs, but it doesn’t increase your standing in life.
Climbing the corporate ladder only gives you gray hair and heart attacks if you’re not careful.
Paying your bills on time only keeps the lights on and your credit in good standing.
Having a mortgage doesn’t make you responsible. It means you’re in debt up to your eye balls, and the bank is raping you every month in interest and fees.

So when all else fails, LOVE.
Unconditionally, fully, and completely, LOVE.
On the mornings when your problems seem to outweigh your solutions, LOVE.
Kiss the kids on the forehead when you would rather scream and yell. LOVE.
Curl up on the couch with the love of your life when you would rather walk away. LOVE.
Unplug the phone, turn off the tv, and send the kids to a baby sitter. LOVE.
Let the car over instead of creeping just far enough forward to where they can’t get in. LOVE.

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